Monday, July 14, 2008

Okie Vegas - The Aftermath has begun

Man I feel like I was run over by a Train, but it was worth it. I can only imagine what Gcox must feel like.

I will try to get up some recaps or at least link up some bloggers that do a better job than I later this week, but for now this will have do.


  • Seeing all my old friends and meeting new ones.
  • Playing the Mookie and Live Poker Radio
  • Dial a shots
  • putting together the Quotes overheard at the Okie Vegas
  • Mrs. GCox's snacks
  • Not being the "Beer Bitch" during the Mookie
  • Seeing Surflexus fold AA face up to my re raise of his Cbet at a live SNG and watching the locals jaws hit the floor
  • Conversations about life and family
  • Making friendships that will last forever
  • Okie-Vegas Coozies
  • Karaoke
  • Watching the drunk bar owner bust Buddy Dank's Ass (literally) video to come


  • My poker playing
  • BlackJack at the Casino
  • Rocks in the lake
  • Being Gigli for the 2nd year in row
  • AA no good
  • Tilt
  • Hangovers
  • Realization that I am getting old and I can't handle non stop fun without taking a toll on your body come Monday
  • Knowing it will be a year until I see good friends again

Thanks again to the following for making Okie Vegas one hell a good time.

Gcox an Mrs. GCox



Surflexus and Peaches (Mrs. Surflexus)



Special K

Instant Tragedy

Turd Chaser and Ice Box (someone has gotta get him a blog)

Buddy Dank


Instant Tragedy said...

I can guarantee it won't be a year.

I'll see you soon!


23skidoo said...

Thank you for lining up and helping Gary with the festivities. I can't wait to come and see your new pool where I will undoubtedly break something.


GaryC said...


Again, thanks for all your help as well, it was much appreciated. I think we are definitely going to need rooms at your new house next year.

Oh, and I can barely get Turd Chaser to read a blog, let alone start a blog.

Talk to you soon and like you said last night, let's not let it be a year.


GaryC said...


Again, thanks a bunch for all the help, I really appreciate it and like you said last night, let's NOT let be another year.


BWoP said...

Nice to meet you via dial-a-shot.

I will try harder to make it next year!