Tuesday, July 22, 2008

House Update and Poker Crack!

We are Framing. Here is the view from the Front

Here is a view from the across the pond looking at the back

I played poker crack ($70/5 300 chip Super Turbos) last night and OMG! It makes our poosh fest look tight. Holy geez! I got lucky with cards, and double up with KK vs A10 and the stacked another dude when I re-raised him all in with my AK vs his AQ. At that point I had 1500 of the 2700 chips in played. I pretty much auto folded to the bubble and then I lost a race when called an all in with my A10 on the button. This brought all 4 of us to about the same, I then woke up with JJ and busted the bubble and the other guy busted the 3rd place. I still had about a 2 to 1 chip lead and dispatched him pretty quickly. I will take the $315 profit, since I used the FPP points to win the $26 toke and then parlayed it into the $75 toke. Now I just need to do that about 3 more times I will erase this weekends meltdown. Ahh but that is another story.

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