Thursday, July 24, 2008

M00K Recap

I caught some cards early and took a decent pot against Joanada when I turned a straight flush draw and then caught my flush and she made a crying call with 2 pair. I also chipped up against Miami Don with my "redonkulus play" as he put. It was midway through the 2nd hour and I was big stack at the table. I was in MP and I made a steal bluff attempt with A8 off. Don smooth called on the button and the BB called as well. The flop was X98 with 2 hearts and I CBet(350) with my middle pair, Don re-raised to about 1100 leaving about himself about $2k. I couldn't put him on a hand other than semi bluff with a flush draw, so I pushed and he insta called with AJ of hearts, blanked out and I was back in the lead.

From there I hovered in the top 6 until we reached the final table. At the final table I donked off 60% of my chips with a bluff when a calling station called me all the way down to the river with A5 on a Ace high flop. Stupid move.

I was able to chip back against Waffles twice. First time I had JJ and caught him trying to resteal my raise, 2nd time (I think we were 6 handed) he double me up when I made a Raise with KhQh, flop was Qxx and I made a weakish looking Cbet and he re-raised me, I pooshed and he was committed with his pocket 10s.

It was around this time I decided I might have a chance so I fired up the screen hunter and snapped a few shots. This hand put me back in the chip lead for good, when I caught the nut straight on the turn and then set a trap, I was worried about flush but at that point I had to go big or go home. The chips all hit the middle on the turn I dodged the 9 outs and was poised to take it down.

Waffles was the next to go when I 3 bet him allin preflop and he called. The flop was horrendous for me and somehow I dodge his 12 outs and was heads up with a 4:1 chip lead.

Heads up didn't last that long I eventually won it when I flopped a flush in limped pot.

The M00k was last of the Bloggerment Tri-fecta for me. Although the MATH win was technically a 2nd we did chop the money 3 ways and the finish order was determined by an allin blind hand. The Riverchasers win did score me more dough through the TOC. The M00k sure felt good since it is Grand Daddy blogger tourney.


SirFWALGMan said...

good job man you played well and deserved to win. I think I have to jam my AQ there 3-ways but not positive. lol. Gl to you.

Instant Tragedy said...

See this post on how I rate the blogger tourneys. It's still a great honor to win the Mook.

Though I know you were distracted since you heard that your cat wrangling was in vain.

Next time we bring them to the lake. They'll NEVER find their way back.


Even talking about those damn cats have me sneezing!