Thursday, May 27, 2010

Toc Minus 8 hours.....................

Cant wait to get the virtual felt tonight, it will be a great break from the last few days of travel and meetings. I didn't get the chance to play in the Mookie/Dankie whatever it is called last night since I was traveling to Chicago and got delayed 2 hours in St. Louis due to some major storms, needless to say by the time I landed the Mookie/Dankie was just starting. I have been stuck in meetings all day here in Chicago so needless to say I haven't had much of chance to think about the TOC, which is good thing since I play my best when I don't go into a tourney with a plan. I may be be aggro tard, I may be spew tard or I may get hit in the face with deck no telling but one thing is for sure, I feel for the person that gets in the way of goal, ME baby. Good luck to anyone fighting for the remaining 2 seats as long as your not at my table.

And just to clarify I am playing in the ME when I win I need to update the photo.

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SirFWALGMan said...

gl man. Do me a favor and knock Hoy out first. :P.