Monday, May 24, 2010

That Blows!

I entered a ME freeroll with 1100 plus runners top 5 get the 10k seat, played great solid poker until we got do to 50 players left. I am sitting in the top 10 and have everyone well covered at my table, and I get the dreaded AhKs UTG. Now I have been bullying this table rentlessly so I make the same raise up to about 6999 (I have about 120K) folded to High Jack who re raises to 17k (started the hand with 70k) now I didnt put him on a huge hand because I figured he would have smooth called and set a trap but I was afraid to cram because I surmised he might be pot committed with any pair. Comments ? Needless to sayI smooth called and the flop come 9s4s2s and I cram, he insta calls with 44 and I miss me nine outs and am left nursing a 50k stack. Comments on my play? I ralley a little but busted in 32 when I outran 1010 with my AK only to see him turn the straight and for the extra in your face flush the river.

I also played in the BBT 5 invitational and was just dominating until USF Trevor, king of the Lucksacks went spaso and decided he was going to call my 3 shove (60 BB) with A10. I had him dominated with my 1010 but he somehow managed to call an Ace out of the FT RNG and I was back to my original starting stack of 3k. Needless to say I just didnt have the desire to start over again and I was really needing to focuss on the ME Freeroll at that point. So I had fun made people play for their stacks and basically gave Rambler a gift when I pushed my 66 into his KK.

Take heed I will be focussed tonight for the Poker on the Rail tourney and I go for number 4. Remember if play a pot against me there will always be risks.

I have nothing to lose and play 23 same as AA. I will be ready will you?


Sean D said...

Bring it on Dream Crusher!

PokermaniaPL said...

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