Friday, August 15, 2008

How would you play this hand?

Live Cash Game Hand from my home game 1/2 NL

I am the big stack at the table with about $400 behind and is SB with JJ
UTG calls with about $80 behind
EP makes it $10 with about $25 more behind
EP +1 smooth calls with about $35 more behind
Button smooth calls with about $40 more behind

What do you do.

Call and see the flop?
Push, but be certain you will get called by all 3 of the short stacks and possibly the EP limper?


Shrike said...

I expect JJ to win more than 25% of the time against the field in terms of raw equity, so I get it all in preflop. JJ plays poorly postflop against 3 opponents given the stack sizes involved.

Anonymous said...

Play JJ like rockets pre flop? Push back with double the bet, Make the trash leave, Test the raiser, If it winds up heads up with the raise hand, You still have JJ. Other than that, I dont know a damn thing,,